FSW Latest Beneficiary from SWFL Children's Charities, Presented $100K

FSW invested in a V60 pediatric respirator and a panograph X-Ray machine to diagnose dental disease in childred in addition to providing $25,000 in student scholarship last year. FSW's Dental Hygiene Clinic works to provide preventative dental care to ...
Source: Naples Herald

Recapturing Youth with TADs

When the .018″ x .025″ Cu Ni-Ti wire has been engaged for 6 weeks, we routinely take photographs, a CT scan, and a panograph to evaluate the smile arc progression and root alignment relative to bracket placement, repositioning brackets as appropriate ...
Source: Orthodontic Products

Florida Polytechnic defies doubters, starts STEM mission

As a member of his high school robotics team and creator of a money-making tech website, the Broward County teen was thrilled to hear about a state university focused entirely on science, technology, engineering and math, the curriculum known as STEM.
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Судьба макета собора Александра Невского под вопросом

Благотворительный проект по установке макета собора Александра Невского застыл на «мертвой точке». На последнем обсуждении члены областной общественной палаты пришли к выводу, что это вызвано недоработками авторов и ...
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